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Wisconsin Cheeses, Meats & Treats

Welcome to the Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds™ Website


If it doesn’t say, “Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds™”, you’re just eating someone else’s curds!   Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds™ is a Wisconsin based business that sells Wisconsin goodness.  We are concessionaires/caterers who specialize in Wisconsin cheeses, including Wisconsin cheese curds—both fried (beer battered) and non-fried (raw).  Grilled cheese sandwiches are also a very popular item on our menu

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Find out why we should be at your next event.  From Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds™ to summer sausage to cow pies, we offer a little bit of everything to represent the great state of Wisconsin in a fun and inviting setting.  We have the capability to do events for just a few people to a crowd of thousands.


Remember, if it doesn't say "Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds™", you're just eating someone else's curds.

Other Moos & Notes


Our cheese season is almost upon us....we just need to get through March first.


Stay tuned.



Please contact us if you would like us to be at your indoor event (such as a craft show, etc.).  We can also cater your company's function, and/or other parties.