Late Night Snack

Fairs, Festivals, Community Events, Private Parties
Fairs, Festivals, Community Events, Private Parties

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If you need a late night snack vendor, you've come to the right place.

To help us better serve you, please provide us with the following information:

  • What/where is the venue? (Do they allow outside food vendors?)

  • What time-frame would you like us there?

  • How many people are expected to be there?

  • Is electricity available?

  • Would we be serving indoors or outside?

  • Are our Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds™ the only snack that you want us to provide or do you want other items as well?

What we provide:

  • Certificate of Liability naming you and the venue as the extra insured

  • Employee(s)

  • Setup

  • All of our own equipment

  • Fry/serve our Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds™ (and/or other items)

    • Each order comes in its own serving container

    • One napkin with each order

    • Individual condiment cup (if ordering any sauces)

  • Take-down/Cleanup

Our requirements:

  • At least 5' x 5' of space

  • At least two 115V/120V regular wall outlets each on its own circuit

  • To be as close to the "action" as possible

Pictures of us in Action
These are pictures of our setup at Lilac Acres.

Lilac Acres Wedding VenueLilac Acres Wedding Venue
Boxed & Burlap Wedding VenueBoxed & Burlap Wedding Venue
Stein Farms Wedding VenueStein Farms Wedding Venue
Folk Song Farm Wedding VenueFolk Song Farm Wedding Venue

Wedding Venues
We have served at the following venues: