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Have us cater your next event at a Fair, Festival, Community Event, or Private Party
Have us cater your next event at a Fair, Festival, Community Event, or Private Party

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If you need a late night snack vendor, you've come to the right place.

To help us better serve you, please provide us with the following information:

  • What/where is the venue? (Do they allow outside food vendors?)

  • What time-frame would you like us there?

  • How many people are expected to be there?

  • Is electricity available?

  • Would we be serving indoors or outside?

  • Are our Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds™ the only snack that you want us to provide or do you want other items as well? (We can also provide our grilled cheese sandwiches, lemonade freeze slushies, raw (not fried) cheese curds (individually bagged or in bulk), chocolate chip cookies, bottled water, and/or canned soda.)

What we provide:

  • Certificate of Liability naming you and the venue as the extra insured

  • Employee(s)

  • Setup

  • All of our own equipment

  • Fry/serve our Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds™ (and/or other items)

    • Each order comes in its own serving container

    • One napkin with each order

    • Individual condiment cup (if ordering any sauces)

  • Take-down/Cleanup

Our requirements:

  • At least 5' x 5' of space

  • At least two 115V/120V regular wall outlets with each on its own circuit

  • To be as close to the "action" as possible

Available Dates*:

  • June: 27-30

  • July: 7-14; 19-23

  • August: 6-11; 27-31

  • September: 12-17; 24-30

  • October: 6-17; 20-31

  • November: 1-24

  • December: No available dates at this time; check back later

*Date availability subject to change


Please click here for our 2024 price guide.

Pictures of us in Action

Servin' 'em up hot at Lilac Acres, Waukesha, WI

Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues We've Served At

Stein Farms, Salem, WIStein Farms, Salem, WI
Boxed & Burlap, Delavan, WIBoxed & Burlap, Delavan, WI
Lilac Acres, Waukesha, WILilac Acres, Waukesha, WI
Folk Song Farm, Richfield, WIFolk Song Farm, Richfield, WI

"Let us serve your late night snack"